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RIELA™ (Red Interamericana de Especialistas en Legislación Ambiental) is a network of independent law firms providing for the exchange of professional information about the local and regional practice and development of environmental law in the Americas, facilitating and disseminating communications among its members and improving the members’ abilities to serve the needs of their respective clients.

The members of RIELA™ maintain complete autonomy; render professional services to their respective clients on an individual and separate basis; are not in any way restricted from handling or accepting cases from non-RIELA™ members or from joining other professional organizations; and are not affiliated for the joint practice of law.

What We Do

RIELA™ is designed to provide a cost-effective resource to its members (and, through such members, to their respective clients) for prompt access to environmental legal services in the Americas. The network operates as a vehicle that positions members to extend their capabilities to serve client needs throughout the Americas.

  • Clients benefit through representation by competent, experienced in-country law firms

  • Membership in RIELA™ is selective in accordance with the determination of its incumbent members

  • Firms are chosen to be the exclusive RIELA™ member for their respective jurisdictions (country, state or province)

  • Firms are chosen to be the exclusive RIELA™ member for their respective jurisdictions (country, state or province)

Although sharing a common background of knowledge, experience and commitment to the environmental practice area, each RIELA™ member is an independent law firm and renders professional services on an individual and separate basis.

Our Goal

The challenges of competing in a global economy are often increased by the complex interaction of local and national laws and regulatory concerns. The ability to quickly and efficiently access environmental legal resources in a variety of jurisdictions throughout the Americas is one of the major advantages that RIELA members provide to each other and their respective clients.

In addition, it is a goal of RIELA to be a resource to international organizations such as the World Bank, the InterAmerican Development Bank, and other organizations with the need to be familiar with and stay updated on environmental laws and practice in the Region. Similarly, RIELA can serve as a resource to governments as they advance their environmental legal systems.

RIELA’s goals include the creation of publications compiling information and/or analysis of specific environmental legal issues from the entire region. Such publications are available to the general public by contacting a RIELA member or through the RIELA public information extranet accessible through

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