Why should I choose an online business to maximise my side income?

An online business simply offers the best return for your money. To make the same level of income from alternatives would require tens of thousands of pounds and much more time than the approach used by My Passive Business.

What sector/area of interest should I choose for my side business?

Your priority should be to choose a sector that offers high profit margin potential so that your side business needs less sales than an area that offers low profit margins. This approach means far fewer enquiries are required to make the same amount of revenue.

How is income made via an online business?

There's no magic trick to making a high income, it’s simply a case of advertising consistently to generate enquiries and then following up in a highly automated manner by utilising outsourcing and technology. Sales are then made by offering solutions to interested parties. All aspects of following up and making sales are taken care of for you, you simply collect the profit!

I don't have cash, should I use my credit cards?

NO! If you don’t have the cash to invest in online business, you should shelve the idea of passive options for now. However, we are happy to advise if we can, so feel free to email and we may be able to suggest options to suit your situation and budget. Please include as many relevant details as possible to ensure that we can offer you an effective solution.

Who is this highly managed/passive solution aimed at?

Anyone looking for a highly predictable way to make a significant income online and who can comfortably allocate funds to earn passively.

How much should I allocate to an advertising budget?

How predictable are results?

As long as you follow our guidelines exactly, the results are extremely predictable. There are always bumps when starting out in business and investment, but when a professional and methodical plan is followed, outcomes are predictable. At the time of writing ALL campaigns are performing better than expected.

How long does it usually take to start generating an income?

Approximately 90 days, but it can be far less. Very recently, a new client made a return of over 175% within 17 days of setting up.

How much can I realistically make?

On joining us a strategic plan will be put in place which will include your income goals, and we will not start any project unless all parties agree it has the potential to make a minimum of £4,000 per month. Get started now by clicking here and get instant access to our online platform.